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5KV High-Voltage Insulation Tester with Battery & Crank Generator insu5000AK

  • Test voltage up to 5000V
  • Voltage measurement to 2000V
  • Discharge of capacitive devices under test
  • Measurement cables with heavy-duty insulation
  • Needle gauge with LEDs
  • 2000V CAT II or 5000V CAT I

Insulation and Continuity Tester

Technical Specification:
Insulation Resistance
Meas. Range
Test Voltage
Norminal Current
Short Circuit Current
Inherent Deviation
Service Meas. Deviation
100kohm ~ 100mohm
1 mA
1.3 mA 2.5% 30% of rdg.
10kohm ~ 1Tohm
0.7 mA
1.3 mA 5% 30% of rdg.
0.5 mA
0.4 mA
0.1 mA
Direct and Alternating Voltage
Meas. Range
Internal Resistance Max. Allowable Volt. Inherent Deviation
15 ~ 500 Hz
5 MOhm 2200 VAC/DC Max. 10S 5%
Ambient Conditions Operating Temp. 0 ~ 40 °C, Storage Temp. -20 ~ 60 °C
IP Rating IP52
EMC Standard IEC61326-1,IEC61326/A1
Electrical Safety 2000V CAT II, or 5000V CAT I
Power Source IEC R20 (1.5V) 6 or Crank Generator
Dimensions 290(L) 160(W) 72(D)mm
Weight 3.4 kg with batteries
Accessories High-voltage insulation tester with permanently connected measurement cables and test probes, 2 crocodile clips (5 kV version) and plug in battery module including batteries, carrying strap, manual

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Last updated: April 10, 2012

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