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PQR 2020 Power Disturbance Analyzer

  • User - Friendly 
  • Programmable 
  • Fast Impulse Detection 
  • Easy to Understand Reports

Measures all types of disturbances on each input:

Spikes, AC Voltage, Sags, Common Mode Noise, Line Frequency, High Frequency Noise, Dropouts, Power Failures, Surges

The PQR D2020 Power Line Analyzer provides a complete analysis of your AC Power for a fraction of the cost of other Monitors. In addition to full Text Detail and Summary reports, event information such as the Magnitude, Time, and Date of each of the disturbances is also reported.

The PQR2020 Power Disturbance Analyzer is a state of the art, fully integrated instrument which measures, records, and reports power disturbances, aiding in the analysis of power quality for AC power in medical, commercial and industrial  applications.
Power disturbances detected on multiple channels are recorded by their time, date, magnitude, and duration in a nonvolatile RAM memory. This data is then retrieved from the analyzer through itís serial communications port.
Connections to the PQR-2020 are made between the safety connectors on the back of the unit, and the circuit panel to be tested. The power to operate the unit comes  from any standard 110v / 220v AC outlet. Once plugged in, the PQR-2020 immediately begins testing the signals on the input connectors.


Provided with the PQR 2020 is the PQR HOST COMMUNICATIONS Software. This software allows you to easily download the data and display or print the DATALOG chart over time, the PIE CHART of the summary of events or the HISTOGRAM of the detail of events.


Shows how the Quantity of Power Disturbances compare with each other. With this chart you can identify what the most common disturbances are.


A Record (DATA LOG) of the average readings are stored on the PQR. Once downloaded the data can be shown over a period of time. Trends in readings are clearly shown with this chart. 


All of the downloaded data is available in a Text format. This data can be Drag-n-Dropped into many standard Windows programs for further analysis.


Power Supply 80 - 260 Volts AC, 9 - 24 Volts DC
Humidity: 10% to 80% (non-condensing)
Temperature: 30 - 120 degrees F
Weight: 2 pounds
Size: 6.25" wide x 7" deep, x 1.75" high
Summary Event Count: 32,750 total events
Detail Storage: 32,750 total events
Data Log Storage: 32,750 voltage readings (per channel)
Data Retention: FLASH RAM Data Storage
Accessories: Power Cord, AC Test Leads (Safety Banana/Alligator clip, 6 feet), RS232 cable and software CD

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