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Why Rent? Pay for what you want & for how long you need it!.

Please review the list of available rental instruments for which one fit your application:

Power Quality Analyzer
PowerXplorer PX5 -Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer Available CTs: 10A, 300A, 500A, 1000A
Sterling MI2092 Three PhasePower Harmmonic Analyze(Data Logger) Available CTs: 1000A
PQR2020 Three Phase Voltage Disturbance Analyzer  
BMI GS3 Basic Power Line Distrubance Analyzer  
Energy Analyzer
KEW 6305 Three Phase Portable Energy Analyzer(Data Logger) Available CTs: 1000A, 1000A / 2000A / 3000A
Hi-Pot Tester
2.5kv AC Dielectric Strength Tester / Hi Pot AVC-25V  
5.0 kv AC Dielectric Strength Tester / Hi Pot AV-50/E-27392  
Insulation Tester
KEW 3123 10KV Insulation Tester  
insu5000AK 5KV Insulation Tester with Battery & Crank Generator  
1kv Digital Insulation Tester DI-6200  
Ground Resistance Tester
MS2301 Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester  
Data Logger
UltraLite-4C 4 Channel Current Logger Available CTs: 50A, 600A, 1000A
Fluke 787 Process Meter  
Clamp-On Current Transformer
P32 1000/2000/3000A:5A Max. opening 80mm or measure bus bar 120 x 58
US-E 250/500/1000A:5A Max. opening 40mm or measure bus bar 40 x 20 mm
Electric and Magnetic Field Measurement
EFA-200 Field Analyzers  
Universal LAN Tester
Multi LAN 200  
Storage Oscilloscope
Tektronix TPS2024 - Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
Hitachi VC-6025 Analog Storage Oscilloscope  
15 kv AC & DC High Voltage Indicators Model: HVI  
Sterling AR600E Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter  

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