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Electric Motor Testing

Electric Motor Testing Using Infratek 108A-6 High Precision Power Analyzer The 108A-6 equipped with Option 03, (6 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, and 12 outputs) performs all required measurements for motor testing.

The 108A scalable analog inputs can be used for torque-, temperature- and vibration measurements. Two scalable TTL-inputs are for speed- or torque measurement. An external synchronization input per phase from an encoder can be used to synchronize measurements to the pole position.

The 108A-6 measures two motors simultaneously: input power, output power, torque, slip, speed, and efficiency of every motor, as well as harmonics of current, voltage, power, impedance, and phase angle. For none sinusoidal signals (trapezoidal wave-forms or frequency inverters), we recommend to use the fundamental of impedance and fundamental of phase. From these values the motor inductances L, Ld, Lq and the motor resistances R = Rm + Rdc can be determined. The motor DC-resistance is obtained by applying a DC-current: Rdc = Pdc / I2 dc. Rm is a magnetization dependent loss.

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