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Infratek Infratek is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power analyzers. Our success is driven by our people and their vision towards a common goal – producing the worlds’ best power analyzers. Our longing for quality is only excelled by our motivation to achieve the highest results possible for our customers. Power Analyzers are our world, and we sure know our way around in it. We have been developing and manufacturing power analyzers since 1979 and, over the years, has perfected that expertise to the upmost level. Our products are used by a variety of academic and industrial customers all over the world, and are highly reputed by those who use it. It seems logical to us, since we strive for our customers to be equipped with precise, accurate and user-friendly measurement devices, guaranteed to succeed!

Infratek equips both academic and industrial customers with various types of measurement instruments. Any institution that produces equipment consuming electric energy can potentially benefit from our products. Optimizing energy consumption not only protects the environment but also results in higher product quality. Power Analyzers are therefore excellent tools for research, development, quality control, maintenance, and education.

Infratek traces it's roots back to an idea, originated in the brilliant mind of Dr. Hans-Rudolf Oppliger, the company’s founder and its first electrical engineer/inventor. It was then when he decided to disrupt the world of power analyzers and to produce precise and accurate yet user-friendly and intuitive measurement devices for the future. His idea took shape in a moderate fashion and the company grew constantly over the past 30 years to the current level. It is now run in the second generation and more successful than ever.

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