INFRATEK 106A Power Analyzer
INFRATEK 106A Power Analyzer

INFRATEK 106A Power Analyzer - Three Phase, 0.1% accuracy

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The model 106A High Precision Power Analyzer has a wide current range 1mA-40A designed to offer the engineer the ability to measure low stand by power, power at low power factor of an idling transformer, or power of a frequency inverter driving a large motor. Lately, we have implemented an new accessory for energy saving. This option protects the economic life time and helps saving energy.


    • Available as single, three phase instrument

    • High Precision, available at 0.1% and 0.05%

    • PDC-1MHz, 1.5mA -40A, 0.3V-1000V

    • Large and bright display for up to 10/40 values

    • Optional interface: Ethernet, RS232/USB, IEEE-488

    • Windows Operating Software