About us: Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd. - celebrating 50 years

About us

Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd. 
established in 1968 
celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

Duncan Instruments Ltd., founded by Matt K. Duncan and David Lloyd in 1968 has been in business for 50 years. Initially it offered precision analogue clamp-on ammeters and power meters as well as related instrumentation to hydro utilities and electrical contractors.
Duncan Instruments Ltd., was there.

Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd. logoThe market started to change in the 70s and 80s with colleges across Canada offering electrical courses in wiring and safe instrumentation usage. Then Duncan Instruments Ltd., grew. First, by adding 'Canada' to its name to reflect increased business opportunities in Canada and overseas. Then by anticipating the need for laboratory instruments for students. It expanded its sales focus to include the colleges, trade schools and universities.
Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd., was there.

At first, analogue instruments became digital in appearance, but their nature was still analogue having higher current consumption, and quicker battery drain. Over time, digital instruments improved offering quick and accurate measurements as opposed to the traditional analogue-needle-and-mirror readings. Hydro utilities needed electrical safety protection for their field personnel - CAT IV-1000V rated Fused test Leads were offered.
Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd., was there.

Then appeared digital electronic instruments capable of performing complex measurements, offering analysis capability without the need of a PhD. to operate them. These analytical instruments were pricey, but eventually the costs came down.
Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd., was there.

For many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), mechanical production lines needed to operate in a uniform manner and keep running, so tachometers & stroboscopes were popular maintenance instruments - measuring speed (RPM), and 'freezing' motion. In addition, Maintenance,Repair & Overhaul (MROs) needed force gauges for tightening or loosening.
Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd., was there.

Computers and the Internet changed things around - from complex mathematical formulas and emailing, they could be used for specific applications by programming their EPROMS. Different applications needed different programming and different EPROMS.
Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd., was there.

With ISO 9001-2015 we can provide OEMs, MROs, hydro utilities, electrical contractors, colleges, and universities with quality calibration and certification for all their electrical and electronic instrumentation. We can also offer the same calibration and certification of mechanical tools such as thickness gauges & torque wrenches.

Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd., is here for you!


Back in 2000: Matt Duncan - company's founder (left), Ivan Veg - long time general manager (right),  Tomek Kniat - current owner (middle)