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Power Analyzer

At Duncan Instruments Canada you will find power quality analysers to measure the power in W, kWh or to analyze and measure harmonics. This power analyzer is a multi-function power analyser device that measure precisely direct current, alternating current, AC-voltage, DC-voltage the intensity of DC or AC, phase rotation and idle, apparent and effective power. The reading of AC power is considered the real value and has a maximum range of 6000 Watts. While a reading is being taken, the polarity changes automatically, if negative values are taken then a minus sign will appear on the device display.

Power analyzers can be used to measure the flow of energy in either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) systems – with distinct considerations for measuring AC circuits.

The determination of an electrical signal’s True RMS time period underlines each of the subsequent calculations performed by the measuring instrument. This is complicated by AC measurements, where root mean square is typically expressed as an equivalent DC value. To accurately determine the True RMS of an AC waveform, an average must be calculated across the cycle of the AC frequency. This is defined as the fundamental frequency of the circuit. Power analyzers can digitally detect frequency cycles to provide reliable RMS periods during power conversion.

A power analyzer must also detect the voltage and current of the system. Typical systems directly acquire individual voltages using voltage dividers, while a transformer is usually required to measure the current. This may comprise a coil that measures the electrical field of a wire carrying a current, or a flux gate current transducer.

Once the power analyzer has determined each of these values, calculating power is a matter of simple mathematics.

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