Predictive Maintenance by Electrical Signature Analysis to Induction M – Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd

Predictive Maintenance by Electrical Signature Analysis to Induction Motors

By: Erik Leandro Bonaldi, Levy Ely de Lacerda de Oliveira,
Jonas Guedes Borges da Silva, Germano Lambert-Torresm
and Luiz Eduardo Borges da Silva

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Many predictive techniques are applied to these motors to reduce the number of unplanned outage. The most common techniques applied to fault detection in induction motors are: vibration analysis, acoustical analysis, speed oscillations, partial discharges, circuit analysis, etc. The analyses based on mechanical concepts are established, but the techniques based on electrical signature analysis are being introduced only now. Because of that status, the application of Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to industries is the concern of this chapter.
488 Induction Motors – Modelling and Control The industries currently look for products and outside services for predictive maintenance.

In many cases, the outside service company or even the industrial plant predictive group make mistakes that can compromise the whole condition monitoring and failure diagnosis process.

In this increasing demand for prediction technology, a specific technique referred as Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) is calling more and more attention of industries. Considering this context, this chapter intends to disseminate important concepts to guide companies that have their own predictive group or want to hire consultants or specialized service to obtain good results through general predictive maintenance practices and, especially through electrical signature analysis.