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Gas Detector Calibration Service

Having your Gas Detectors calibrated and properly maintained is absolutely vital to ensure the safety of the workers that use them. The sensors on Gas Detectors are delicate and can be easily damaged or contaminated during regular use. Making sure they work properly is important and helps your workers avoid potentially dangerous situations.

We stock the following supply of calibration gases:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 22 ppm and 20 ppm
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) 60 ppm
  • Methane 1.45% vol

We offer calibration on the following models:

  • Calibration of MSA Altair 4X and 4XR
  • Calibration of Industrial Scientific T40 Rattler 

Why to calibrate Gas Detectors?

Gas Detectors can be life-saving, they alert us to dangers we cannot see until it’s too late. Calibrating your Gas Detectors regularly ensures that those who rely on them can work with confidence in potentially dangerous environments.

Depending on where you work, regulations will vary. But in most cases, you must report that your gas detectors have been calibrated. The device will keep a log of all calibrations and future calibration dates.

Gas Calibration - What is it?
It is the process of ensuring that the sensors work properly. When we calibrate gas detectors we're resetting the sensor's response against a known concentration of gas. To do so we use a calibration gas which will allow us to determine the relationship between the reading captured by the detector and the concentration of gas that it's designed to alert us to..

The frequency of calibration is wide and varied and is usually determined by the device itself, so it's important to check the supplied manufacturer's guidelines. Equally, a risk assessment may have been performed by your employer, or the site manager, which could affect the frequency of calibration.

Read the manual supplied with the device and closely adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for how often the detector should be calibrated.