AEMC 6292 Micro-Ohmmeter with DataView Software, 200A – Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd
AEMC 6292 Micro-Ohmmeter with DataView Software, 200A
AEMC 6292 Micro-Ohmmeter with DataView Software, 200A
AEMC 6292 Micro-Ohmmeter with DataView Software, 200A

AEMC 6292 Micro-Ohmmeter with DataView Software, 200A

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Measures very low contact resistances with user-selectable test currents from 5 to 200A. Low resistance measurements are required to prevent long term damage to existing equipment and to minimize energy wasted as heat. The AEMC 6292 employs the four-terminal Kelvin bridge measurement method to minimize errors introduced by the test lead resistance and/or contact resistance between the probe and the material being tested, ensuring more accurate results.

Programmable test currents and test duration with data storage and report generation using included application software.

The AEMC® Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6292 measures very low contact resistances with programmable test currents and test duration in order to address a wide range of applications. An alpha-numeric LCD display shows resistance readings up to 1Ω with resolution as low as 0.1µΩ, as well as test currents from 5 to 200A. It employs the four-terminal Kelvin measurement method to compensate for errors caused by test leads and their contact resistances.

Resistance is the property of a circuit or element that determines, for a given current, the rate at which electrical energy is converted to heat. Temperature, cycling, fatigue, vibration and corrosion all work to cause the gradual degradation of the resistance value of an electrical device. These conditions then result in excessive heating at the location when the component is carrying the rated current. Abnormally high resistance creates unwanted heating, possibly leading to danger, as well it causes energy losses which increase operating costs.

The 6292 low resistance ohmmeter has application in a wide range of industries and can help identify a number of problems that could lead to apparatus failure. A general list of industries include: power generation and distribution companies, chemical plants, refineries, mines, railroads, telecommunication companies, automotive manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers and anyone with UPS battery back-up systems.


  • Programmable test currents from 5 to 200A
  • Programmable test duration from 5 to 120 seconds
  • Measures resistances from 0.1µΩ to 1Ω
  • Low resolution of 0.1µΩ
  • Measures objects with both sides grounded (BSG) with optional current
  • Cooling system to improve the number of sequential tests that can be performed
  • Backlit alphanumeric LCD readout
  • Stores up to 8000 test results
  • USB communication interface
  • Direct printout of measurement results using DataView® software and a PC
  • Rugged, lightweight and water-resistant case


  • Test switchgear contact resistance
  • Test circuit breaker contact resistance
  • Test air frame bonding
  • Test rail bonding
  • Test pipeline bonding


Test Current Range Programmable from 5 to 200A (true DC)
Resistance Range 0.1µΩ to 2mΩ
2 to 200mΩ
200mΩ to 1Ω
Accuracy ±1% reading from 50µΩ to 1Ω
Resolution 0.1µΩ to 2mΩ < 0.1µΩ
2 to 200mΩ < 10µΩ
200mΩ to 1Ω < 1mΩ
Output Voltage 100V AC: 4.2V @ 200A
220V AC: 8.6V @ 200A
Max. Load Resistance 100V AC: 20mΩ @ 200A
220V AC: 42mΩ @ 200A
Adjustable Test Time 5 to 120 seconds or unlimited
Memory Store up to 8000 measurements
Power Supply 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz

Included with the AEMC 6292

  • Micro-Ohmmeter
  • Accessory carrying case
  • 20ft Kelvin test leads with C-clamp
  • Green ground lead clamp
  • 5ft USB cable
  • 110V US Power Cord
  • 15A fuse, 5 x 20mm
  • USB stick with DataView Software and manual
  • Quick start guide