CROPICO DO5001 10A Bench Type Digital Micro Ohmmeter – Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd
CROPICO DO5001 10A Bench Type Digital Micro Ohmmeter

CROPICO DO5001 10A Bench Type Digital Micro Ohmmeter

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The DO5001 microhmmeter is a truly remarkable instrument and ideally suited for laboratory testing of samples, for production line testing, and with the addition of the interfaces RS232 / IEEE-488 or PLC, the DO5001 may be remotely controlled. Automatic temperature compensation and Hi / Lo limit permits sorting of components with the minimum of fuss. All these options are included in the basic unit as well as a data logging function which stores up to 4000 readings with date and time stamp. Statistical analysis of these values allows you to display the max / min /average values as well as peak to peak and standard deviation. The DO5001 will even calculate cable lengths in ohms/metre.

For applications where portability is required the model 5001 may be powered either from the mains or by the inbuilt rechargeable batteries.


  • High accuracy 0.03%, 8 ranges, 3milliohms to 30kilohms
  • Adjustable current ranges10uA-10A
  • Data logging with statistical analysis
  • Automatic temperature compensation with programmable coefficients
  • Data logging with statistical analysis
  • Cable length calculations
  • RS-232 interface
  • Mains / rechargeable battery operation

Supplied with:

  • Lead set LS05
  • Line cord
  • Operating handbook
  • Calibration certificate




Duplex handspikes with 3 metre lead length compatible with D07

  Concentric handspike CH01
makes a compact and easy
method of making contact when
making measurements on
awkward and inaccessible
connectors. The potential
connections is sprung loaded and
slides inside the current probe.
Both probes have hardened tips.


2 x Large Kelvin clips with 3 metre lead length. Kelvin clips accept cables and bars up to 38mm diameter. Suitable for use with DO4A, DO5000, DO6, DO7



Comprising of 4x 1 metre leads with banana plugs 4x crocodile clips, 4x test prods, 2x brass Kelvin clip (KC1) suitable for use with DO4A, DO5000, DO6, DO7.



Temperature probe with 2 metre lead length for D05000 series