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GW Instek - GUC 2010G - Universal Counter

GW Instek - GUC 2010G - Universal Counter

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GW Instek GUC-2010G – Universal Counter


The Universal Counter is the newest result of the continuing low cost counter product development effort. It combines excellent performance and quality at a very attractive prices. This counter is designed to deliver reliable high quality operation in such areas as: Production Test, Frequency, Monitoring, Education, Training, Laboratory, Service and Calibration.




Ratio Measurements

Display – F1/F2, where F1 and F2 are applied at input channels A and B respectively.

Range – CHA: 5Hz to 100MHz (F1), CHB: 5 to 25 Mhz (F2)

Accuracy - +/- count of signal on CHA + trigger error of signal on CHB

Readout – Decimal point without unit annunciation.


Time Interval Measurements

Range – 0.4uS to 10sec

Input – Channels A and B

Resolution – 100nS to 0.1mS in 4 decade steps

Accuracy - +/- 1 count +/- time base accuracy +/- 1 trigger error

Readout – uS displayed with decimal point.



Input Sensitivity – CHA 20m Vrms to 100MHz, CHB 20m Vrms to 25MHz

Input Impedance – CHA or B 1MΩ Nominal shunted by less than 30pF

Attenuator – 1/1, 1/10 Nominal (CHA only)

Check – Counts internal 10MHz oscillator

Display – 8 digit number LED display with gate time, function, uS, KHZ and Overflow indication

Operation Temperature – 0°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature - -55°C to 75°C

Time Base – Aging Rate +/- 1 x 10-6 / Month, Temp. Stability 25°C +/- 5°C +/-5 x 10-6, 0°C to 50°C +/- 2 x 10-5.

Max Input Voltage – CHA and B 250V max. dc + ac peak. 150Vrms to 1KHz; 5Vrms to 100MHz

Accessories – Test lead GTL-101 x 2, Instruction Manual x 1

Dimension – 245 (W) x 95 (H) x 280 (D) mm

Weight – 2.5 kg