KYORITSU 3551 1000V Digital Insulation / Continuity Tester

KYORITSU 3551 1000V Digital Insulation / Continuity Tester

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  • World’s fastest measurement speed (0.5 sec.)
  • Six ranges available for insulation
  • Resistance test (50/100/125/250/500/1000 V) up to 40 GOhm
  • Diagnostic Insulation Test : PI, DAR
  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement
  • Continuity Test @200mA
  • LCD backlight and LED spot light facilitate working at dimly illuminated location or at nighttime work. The built-in illuminance sensor automatically turns on/off the lights.
  • Test probe comes with remote control switch (supplied)


KEW3551 : Standard model
KEW3552 : With memory function
KEW3552BT : With memory and Bluetooth communication functions

The right model for your application

Model 6 ranges insulation resistance Memory PC comm. Bluetooth
KEW 3551 *
KEW 3552
* * *
* * * *

Included Accessories:

 7260(Test leads with remote control switch)
7261A(Test leads with alligator clip)
8017A(Extension prod long)
9173(Carrying case)
9121(Shoulder strap)
Instruction manual




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