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Sterling KTLS-2M Kelvin Four Wire Test Lead Set

Sterling KTLS-2M Kelvin Four Wire Test Lead Set

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  • The leads are made of fine, multi-stranded copper wire for maximum flexibility
  • The insulation consist of two differently coloured layers of fire retardant silicon with the inner layer serving as a damage control indicator. In addition, the leads remain flexible at both low and high temperatures while being able take a 'bump' with a soldering iron. The premium silicon insulation is also chemically inert to withstand exposure to many caustic chemicals
  • High quality, durable, gold plated crocodiles specially designed for four-wire low resistance measurement. Both sides of the clip are electrically isolated to ensure connection only through the tested sample and eliminate the resistance of leads and connections.
  • Four - Wire lead set to eliminate lead resistance errors
  • Large gold-plated crocodile clips for low resistance measurement
  • Extra long test leads for ease of use in the filed
  • Test leads are clipped together for ease fo use
  • Compatibile with all instruments with 4mm jacks


  • comprising of a Red/Gray & a Black/Gray Kelvin Crocodile Clip lead
  • Cable - low loss 1mm2 multi-stranded ( 7/36/0.071.) double skin silicone cables terminating in 4mm Full Safety Plugs colour coded to each relevant Jaw
  • KTLS-2M includes Kelvin four-wire test lead cable assemble with two gold-plated crocodile clips and four retractable banana plugs