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Selection of Test Equipment

for Electrical Contractors and Utilities

Sterling SFTL 1000V CAT IV Protection Fused Leads Set

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Fused test leads are essential protection where personel is exposed to potentially lethal voltages and short circuit current. Electrical instruments have fuses inside them, but those fuses do not always provide enough protection, especially when used on high energy circuits. The closer the fuse to the connection, the better protection it is providing to the operator. Therefore fused test leads with fuses installed right at the connection point provide the best protection.

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Sterling PSI-895
Non-Contact Safety Phase Indicator

- Non-contact detector clips. No metal contact points to advocate greater safety.
- Two functions in one unit : open phase and phas sequence detection.
- Designed for checking a wider range of 3-phase power sources.
- LED display lights with buzzer indicator.
- Brightness button feature for better visibility in dimly lit areas or sunlight.
- Magnetic mounting feature.
- Two models available: Sterling PSI-895 and Sterling PSI-895 CSA (with CSA approval) 


Digital clamp-on meters

METREL MD 9231 AC/DC 1000A, 1000V TRMS CAT III 1000 V

The MD 9231 is an industrial TRMS AC and DC current clamp meter with a wide jaw opening and is capable of measuring currents up to 1000 A. It has the ability to measure capacitance and frequency and is equipped with a built-in VFD feature that makes the instrument capable of measuring the true values in accordance with frequency. The MD 9231 has a wide range of extra features, including peak value, data and MAX hold functions, auto power off, auto-ranging and a relative zero function. It uses state-of-the-art measurement technology and is housed in a sturdy industrial-grade case. It also has a flashlight for work in dark conditions.

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METREL MD 9250 AC/DC 2000A, 1000V TRMS CAT IV 1000 V

The MD 9250 is the first Clamp Meter that meets overvoltage category CAT IV 1000 V. MD 9250 is a high quality clamp meter specially designed for single-hand operation, built-in measuring functions; TRMS AC/DC (current, voltage), capacitance, temperature and full range resistance makes this instrument an ideal tool for the most demanding applications in the industrial sector. The large jaws capacity of (max. 55 mm) in diameter allows AC/DC - current measurements up to 2000 A. High resolution and accuracy, 2-line LCD display fast data acquisition and transfer (via optical interface), non-contact voltage detection, and auto-check function are highlights of the instrument.

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Insulation testers

METREL MD 9070 Insulation / Continuity Digital Multimeter

The MD 9070 is a high accuracy insulation and continuity multimeter which may be used in a CAT IV / 600 V environment. It's dual digital display provides all needed data to the operator while it's size ensures that it can be operated single hand. The instrument is equipped with a built-in VFD feature that makes the instrument capable of measuring true RMS values in accordance with frequency, performing PI/DAR measurements and diode test. The MD 9070 has a wide range of extra features, including data hold, memory, min / max, differential, auto power off, auto-ranging, frequency filter, lock feature, reset, relative function and more.

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Sterling R5002 5kV Insulation Tester

- Wide range measurements from 500V to 5000V and up to 60GΩ.
- Large 6000 counts digital display with bargraph and backlight.
- Polarization index measurement(PI).
- Auto ranging & Timer measurement function.
- Indication of output voltage and discharge voltage.
- Auto-discharge function and voltage output warning function.
- Auto power off and battery check.
- MAX/MIN, PEAK, Relative value & Data hold functions for DC/AC voltage measurments

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MEGABRAS/TENTECH Mi20KVe 20 kV - High voltage insulation tester

The MI-20KVe High-Voltage insulation tester is a truly portable device that allows the measurement of insulation resistances using test voltages up to 20 kV.
It employs a state-of-the-art technology for the safe measurements of insulation resistances up to 4,000,000 MΩ with four test voltages: 5 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV and 20 kV.
Readings are performed through an easy-to-read analogue indicator, having a broad scale.

This equipment is specially well suited to test isolation resistances in transmission lines and medium voltage distribution systems, whether aerial or underground, as it allows to perform testing with voltages near to the operational value. Besides, it is an excellent auxiliary when detecting cable failures.

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Ground Resistance Testers

KYORITSU 4105A-H Ground Resistance Tester, 1200Ω, with hard case

Small and lightweight, the Kyoritsu 4105A-H is both dust and drip proof, conforming to the IP54 standard. The instrument is also shock resistant and designed to meet IEC 61010-1 safety standard. The Kyoritsu 4105A-H is supplied with earth resistance test leads, measurement probe, auxiliary spike kit, batteries, a shoulder strap and a carry case.

The Kyoritsu 4105A-H is designed in such a way that the influence of the earth voltage and earth resistance of the auxiliary spikes are neglected under the earth resistance test. A low measuring current of 2mA allows earth resistance tests to be performed without tripping earth leakage current breakers. The 4105A-H also has the ability to measure earth voltage, up to 200V AC.

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Calibration and Repair Service

Every test instrument requires periodic maintenance. Our Service Department consist of a Calibration Laboratory and a fully equipped repair shop. Our experienced personnel with extensive documentation library, in-house spare parts inventory and computerized replacement parts data base will restore your instruments to “as new” condition. Our Calibration Laboratory, located in a dedicated environmentally controlled area, is ISO9001 : 2015 registered. We offer certification service to suit your QMS programme. In collaboration with accredited testing laboratory we now offer 17025 accredited calibration.

We can calibrate your instrument in 48 hours if required. All of this to provide you with top quality, reliable and fast service when you need it.